SQI is launching this Blog to provide insight into the OF-DPA pipeline.

The release of Broadcom’s OpenFlow Data Plane Abstraction (OF-DPA) 2.0 is a major event for OpenFlow technology adoption. OF-DPA brings line-rate switching OpenFlow switching  into the mainstream. The industry standard silicon switch technology can now enable sophisticated, multi-table OpenFlow applications with up to  3 Tbps of maximum switching throughput.

The OF-DPA OpenFlow pipeline is is powerful but it is complex. This site is dedicated to making the understanding and adoption of the OF-DPA technology easier. We strive to shorten your time-to-market by providing prototype code examples, testing applications, how-to recipes, and learning tools.

We are excited about building a community of active and committed OF-DPA developers ready to write OF-DPA based Contoller Applications that will change the world. With line-rate OpenFlow, the sky is the limit.