About SQI’s Dedication to making OF-DPA a mainsream SDN technology

The Software Quality Institute (SQI) is opening this Blog to provide insight into the OF-DPA OpenFlow pipeline. With the release of OF-DPA 2.0 Broadcom has brought their line rate switch silicon into the mainstream of OpenFlow switching.

The OF-DPA OpenFlow pipeline is is powerful but complex. This site is dedicated to making the understanding and adoption of the OF-DPA technology easier. We strive to shorten your time-to-market by providing prototype code examples, testing applications, how-to recipes, and learning tools.

SQI has selected the Ryu Controller for our prototyping environment. Ryu is a Python based, open source technology. It is much easier to get started with than the controllers focused on large scale deployments. And, being a scripting language base technology Ryu is a very interactive code development environment.

We are excited about building a community of active and commuted OF-DPA developer ready to write OF-DPA based Contoller Applications that will change the world. With line-rate OpenFlow the sky is the limit.

What does OFDPA Insider Provide to the Ecosystem

A one stop shop for aggregating important information and tools to get you started in developing your OF-DPA application, including:


  • Reference Material – We aggregate important information, tools and links to resources to get you started on developing your application.
  • Marketplace – Not only do we develop free and paid-for tools to get you started on your commercial application, our marketplace will be open to developers who want to sell their applications
  • Tutorials – As early adopters of the OF-DPA technology, we have extensive knowledge on how to leverage the capabilities of the OF-DPA. ¬†Our tutorials cover topics that will help decrease your time-to-market.

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